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Our Muay Thai classes will teach you real kickboxing skills and whip you into amazing shape. With your 30 day FREE trial you will learn how to kick butt while burning 800 CALORIES AN HOUR!!! Join our team and you will see amazing results like you never thought possible. Here are just a few of the benefits you will get when you join our Muay Thai program:

So many people are getting amazing results from our Muay Thai Kickboxing results and I want you to be next. Whether your goal is to lose weight and get into the very best shape of your life or you wanna become a world classs competitor, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of our 30 day FREE trial. Just hear what other people are saying about our program:

"I have been going to Team Tooke's MMA and BJJ program for about 2 months and in my opinion it's the best school around. I checked out 3 different schools before joining this one and found if you want to train and develop your fighting or just want to stay fit, this is the school to go to. Instead of a 1 day trial for a class, they give you a 30 Day Free trial which really lets you know if you want to join or not."

-Dan Bacon
Team Tooke BJJ & MMA Student

Our Muay Thai system is not like all the other schools.We have an organized, results based curriculum designed to help each student progress at the fastest rate possible, both physically and technicallly. Many schools just teach whatever the instructor thinks of right before class. This approach is too random and leads to too many holes in your skill level. With our 30 day free trial you will be well on you way to becoming a well rounded Muay Thai striker.

Rave Review
"Training with Team Tooke has given me a different view of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. They teach the art with pure technique and great attention to all small details that can affect your Jiu Jitsu game. The atmosphere is great and with respect given to all students, no matter what rank you are. Also, the MMA class is a great way to loose weight and improve your striking abilities. It is bar none the best cardio workout I have ever trained. I would definitely recommend training here at Team Tooke MMA for anyone serious about getting in shape."

-Jose Llanas
BJJ Purple Belt

Why is Muay Thai so effective?

With all the different striking arts available like Karate, Tae Kwon do and boxing, why is Muay Thai is the most widely practiced form of striking for MMA fighters today? The reason is's the most effective. Muay Thai is the art of "8 limbs" meaning it utilizes punches, knees, elbows and kicks to attack with therefore having 8 points of attack. Most striking arts teach only punching and kicking. The art of Muay Thai is over a thousand years old and has continued to be perfected over the centuries to become the dominant force that is is today. In our Muay Thai classes you will learn all aspects of the style from punching to elbows to knees to kicks. We teach it all strating with the basics that you will learn during your free intro lesson.

"What if I just want to get into shape? Do I have to compete and spar?"

Our program is for everybody!! If your goal is just to get into the best shape of your life without having to spend boring hours at the gym, then our program is perfect for you. Although we have several people training for real competition, many students just want a fun way to get an amazing workout and learn something fun at the same time. No one is required to "get in the ring" to join our class. We offer training for everyone and we will design a program best suited to help you reach your goals in record time. And, unlike many Cardio Kickboxing gyms you will learn the skills just like everyone else but one on one competition is not required. However, if competition and live training is what you're after, we have everything you need and will work with you directly on your goals.

So here's everything you will receive just for trying out our class:


As well as all these benefits:

So why haven't you called yet?

Now that I have taken away any excuses that you may have, the ball is in your court. I urge you to give our program try. Remember, we offer a 30 Day FREE, no obligation trial in every program. We pride ourselves on customer service and commitment to excellence. You can expect the same treatment from our instructors when you come into our gym. You have absolutely nothing to lose but weight and inches. Stop making excuses, pick up your phone and call 281-288-5996 and get started on reaching your goals today. Our instructors are motivated and excited to work with each and every student that walks into our front door. Give us a call and let us help you get started right away! See you in class

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Head Instructor- Jace Pitre
weigh in
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor- Jose Llanas
Boxing Instructor-Lewis Wood
Asst. Boxing Instructor- Romeo Batrez
MMA/BJJ Asst. Instructor- Todd Moore
Women's Bootcamp instructor- Tanya Padilla


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